Pathways college staff and faculty

College Staff

Craig Barrow - Principal

M.Div (hons), B.A.(Theol), Dip.Bib.S.

When I was about 18 I went through a major time of trying to figure out who God was, and therefore who I was in relation to Him. I had been living in Hamilton for two years attending Waikato Polytech. During this time I got pretty lost. In a wild way, God drew me to the NZ Assembly Bible School, where He began to open my eyes to his radical love for me. After working for the NZ Dairy Group (Fontera) as a computer nerd for three years, I then went to Moody Bible institute and completed a B.A in Theology, and then an MDiv at Denver Seminary. I returned to NZ and pastored a church in Cambridge for eight years, before starting here at Pathways College mid-2008.

I have a passion for presenting the Bible in a relevant and applicable way. Therefore, I love the combination of study and ministry that Pathways offers students and churches.

Julie-Ann Finn - PA to the Principal, Office Administrator

Having grown up in a family who honoured God I have always been aware of his sovereignty. To personally commit my life to Him has been the single most amazing decision ever. My family and I love life here in the Bay of Plenty and are actively involved in our local church and our wider community.

People are what matter to me. They energise me, motivate me and empower me to live life well. I thrive in community and actively pursue quality relationships.

I have worked in the Education sector – from Early Childhood through to Tertiary – all within the Christian framework. It's s privilege to be a part of the Pathways team as we work together to glorify God in all we do.

Graeme Chamberlain - Internship Coordinator

B.AppTheol, DipPL

I am a disciple of Jesus Christ. I am married to an amazing wife. I'm an introvert who loves to see people reaching their full potential in their church and community. Something I particularly enjoy about the church is where the theology is rich but is also communicated in such a way that is simple and practical. I am an avid fan of American Football, basketball, ice hockey, rugby league, and Formula 1 (basically anything that involves competition). Reading is a passion of mine and I make my way through a large range of books from theology to fiction. Being a part of a student's discipleship journey is a great honour and privilege and I love that I get to do this on a daily basis with people.

College Faculty

Craig Barrow, BA (Moody), MDiv(Hons) (Denver), Dip. Biblical Studies
Spiritual Formation, Leadership, Preaching Elective, Systematic Theology

Graeme Chamberlain, B.AppTheol, DipML
Interpreting the Bible, Thinking about the Trinity, Supervised Practice, Evangelism and Discipleship Elective

Grace Chamberlain, BA, B.AppTheol
The Gospel of Mark

Chris Opie, BMus, Grad Dip Theology
Worship Elective, School of Worship Leading

Tom McIvor, Dip NZABS
Youth Ministry Elective

Janeen Mills, BA
Evangelism & Ministry - International Student Ministries

Richard Opie, MTh
Pastoral Care

Jeffrey Orr, MCS, BTh, AdvDip
Acts, Being Church

Paul Stock, MSc (Hons)
Evangelism and Ministry - International Student Ministries

Emma Stokes, BCom, BA
God's Mission in the Old Testament

Jeremy Suisted, BCS Hons (First Class)
Old Testament Themes

Hamish Thomson, M.Th, B.Th,

Alan Thorp, ThM, B.Th, BCom

Craig Ashby, BA Hons (First Class), Grad Dip Tchg, Grad Dip Applied Theology
Church History

Richard Goodwin, BCS, MA in Theology
Following Christ, Engaging Culture

Clint Craig, LLB
Practical Leadership

Stephen Hartfield - Academic Dean

BCompSyst, Dip.CM

Perhaps the biggest motivator in my work at Pathways is seeing people reach their full potential, especially those that have missed opportunities or have had their life options limited in some way. What makes this so rewarding for me is being part of a team that actively encourages people, irrespective of their background, to mature into great Christian workers. In turn these are the people that will one day go on to help others just like them.

I have had the privilege of working for a number of education providers in recent years. My main focus has been teaching and academic administration, and it's the things I've learnt from these experiences that I now apply at Pathways. Inevitably, working at different learning centres has led me to compare how well Pathways stacks up against equally good colleges. A stand-out for me is the awesome one-on-one pastoral care and support each student receives. It's possibly the best I've seen.

Helen Hartfield - Registrar and Pastoral Care Coordinator


My passion is pastoral care. Drawing on previous Christian studies, a number of years as a mum to 4 now adult children, and time in ministry, I get excited at being able to nurture and care for the students at Pathways. It's so rewarding seeing them develop spiritually as they seek out what exactly it is that God wants for their lives.

This is what Pathways is all about. Students getting to know God more, building Christian character, preparing for life ministry. I'm so pleased to have been provided the opportunity to contribute to that.

Josephine Barrow - Online Courses Coordinator

M.A. (Theol/Couns), B.A. (Theol) (hons)

I grew up in Cambridge, with Christian parents and, at a young age, made my own step of faith to trust in Jesus' sacrifice for me. After studying and then working a number of years in the field of Architectural Draughting, I decided, with my husband, to go into full-time study of Theology. We moved to the United States and studied there full-time for several years - I studied Theology, and then Theology and Counselling.

God has grown me into a greater and greater understanding and experience of the real freedom and joy in having a close relationship with Him, and He continues to do so. He has given me a passion for His Word, the Bible, and I am really excited about the opportunities that He is opening up through Pathways for more and more people to be able to study the Bible and grow in their understanding of and relationship with Him.

I find the balance that Pathways encourages of studying God, growing in Him through the encouragement of personal mentors, and applying this all in life and ministry, to be something I am really thankful to be a part of.

Grace Chamberlain - Project Manager

BA, B.AppTheol

I grew up in a Christian home, and although I cannot remember a time when I did not believe in God, at the age of 17, I was presented with the choice: all or nothing. I decided I wanted my life to be all about loving, serving and following God, and I have never regretted that decision.

Prior to joining the Pathways team, I spent three years at Carey Baptist College studying towards a Bachelor of Applied Theology, and a further three years before that studying towards a Bachelor of Arts. Arriving in my role here at Pathways has been an immensely God-filled process, and I am blown away by God's constant goodness to me and provision for me.

Pathway's desire to see the fusion of sound theology and faithful action thoroughly excites me, and I am thrilled to be able to be part of what God is doing through Pathways. It is my hope that throughout my time at Pathways, I will be able to use my giftings to glorify God and to serve others.

Ben Devery - School of Worship Leading Coordinator

B. Performance Jazz Piano, Dip.CS

I was raised in a Christian home bought up by two wonderful parents alongside my brother who have taught us both so much about Living for Jesus and Sharing His Love. I decided to take the plunge and be baptised when I was younger but it wasn't until I entered my university years that I really started to pursue a relationship with Christ. I knew all about Him, but did I really know Him? After my degree in Jazz piano I attended Pathways and literally had the most life changing year, digging deeper into the Christian faith and learning more and more about the unconditional love God has for me and all who put their trust in Him.

I have a passion to Disciple others and teach them about this unconditional love I have discovered. I also love to see people drawn into an "awareness of His nearness" in Worship gatherings and love to assist in any way I can often by laying down the deepest Piano/Pad combo that I can find.