Jacob Ohlson, Alumni 2015
Lifezone Church, Community Pastor

"I attended Pathways in 2015 after being saved in 2013 with a non christian background and an understanding of God that was not the same as the God I know today.  So in my first year of Pathways, my mind and heart battled to understand this God of love, mercy and grace, because I never knew that God. I believe God was peeling back the layers of lies and rebuilding a firm foundation of truth. Doing my internship reminded me not only of who I was, but whose I was. And lead me to a role as a community pastor at Lifezone church. He has called me to help our church reach the sheep that got away, the prodigals sons and daughters. Because that was me, and I know how much God is crazy in love me and he's crazy about them as well." 

Lydia Savage, Alumni 2019
Cool Bananas Youthworker

 "I’m Lydia and I interned with Pathways for two years at Cool Bananas. During my internship I predominantly spent my ministry hours in primary schools helping run sessions about values. My Pathways experience pulled me out of my comfort zone into a place where I gained growth in many areas of my life. I am thankful to God for this and will always value learning the importance of doing life with Gods word as my guide. Pathways bought me to Cool Bananas where I am privileged to now work spreading good values to kiwi kids."

Viki Johnson, Alumni 2019
Raleigh Street Christian Centre, Children's Pastor

"Studying with Pathways was amazing.  I have found a depth in my faith that I didn’t realise was possible. Being able to study from home and at a pace that suited my family and career was wonderful.  I was well supported to achieve my goals and totally set up to succeed with mentors, admin support and a variety of experienced lecturers.  When I read my Bible now I do so with a new understanding of culture, people, audience and genre. This course has been a huge help to me personally, spiritually and career-wise as a Children’s Pastor.  Thanks, so much for this opportunity to study ONLINE!!"

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