This course is designed to help someone become a person who is worth following, who others not only want to follow but love to follow.


  1. Describe and distinguish between selected different Christian leadership models. 
  2. Critically examine the worldview (beliefs and values) underlying the models in light of scriptural teaching. 
  3. Relate the various models to their actual ministry/life situation, and identify challenges and opportunities within the existing leadership model of their ministry involvement. 
  4. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of each different model in order to specify a personally preferred Christian leadership style.



Growing up and living in Wellington my whole life, I knew nothing about Christianity until my late teens, at which point I was exposed to church and Jesus. I leaned into what I was hearing and started to develop a faith and immediately was challenged and began engaging with church. After completing high school, I studied law at Victoria University, got armored to the bar and looked forward to an exciting career. However a couple of years in I had a very clear call from God to redirect my career towards pastoral work. So in 2009 I found myself in a position I would never have envisioned even a couple of years earlier, in full time church employment leading the youth ministry at LifeSwitch. After two years, I transitioned across to leading the church, which I continue, and love, to do today. I am passionate about seeing people find Christ, and then seeing that faith change and cultivate them to the point where they like the apostle Paul get to a point where their life shows they no longer count their life as dear unto themselves but rather to fulfill the assignment God has for them. I have an incredible wife, Mindy, and five young kids who ensure life is crazy and chaotic yet super fun.


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