Kia Ora

Every year we have students from all over New Zealand who engage in biblical studies and are actively involved in mind-blowing ministry through their internship placements. We are constantly amazed by how God uses the Pathways program to grow people in their relationship with Jesus Christ. As a staff, we are privileged to journey with these students and see them impacted in a transformational way through their time at Pathways.

Some of our students have grown up in the church and have been surrounded by Christians their whole lives. Others have only recently come into relationship with Jesus and face a steep learning curve in understanding who God is and what He is about. All the while, they are developing as leaders in the church or organisation they are part of, and giving back to their communities as they apply what they are learning. Through their study and ministry, Pathways students learn about how God is calling them to be a part of his plan.

In order to train these students, we are very reliant on the generous giving of God's people and a number of trusts which regularly make donations to the college. We are constantly praying for further financial support so that we will be able to increase the number of students we serve. We would also love to be in a better position to give financial support to those students who have financial struggles that would prevent them from studying.

Please pray about whether giving to Pathways is something God is wanting you to do. It could be a one-off gift, or a regular monthly donation. Whatever option you take, it's an opportunity for you to be part of God's plan for His students and His church in this country. While you are praying, also ask God to reveal anyone in your life who you think might be able and eager to give and support the future leaders of New Zealand.

Nga Mihi

If you'd like to make a donation to Pathways College, you can do so by making a deposit directly into the College's bank account - Pathways College of Bible & Mission, ASB Glen Eden, 12-3051-0349599-00. Please ensure your details are in the particulars.

For donations greater than $5 we are able to issue a donation receipt. If you wish a receipt to be issued, please email Pathways College, with your name, the amount you have deposited, and the address you would like the receipt sent to.


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