Enrolment Forms

To enrol in the NZ Diploma in Christian Studies (Level 5), there are three online forms that need to be completed. Each form takes only a few minutes to complete.

1) Enrolment Form - collects information about you.
2) Internship Placement Form - collects information about your internship placement. This form should be completed by the leader of your proposed internship placement organisation.
3) Referee Report - collects information about you from two referees of your choice. This form should be completed by two referees. 

All three forms are required but don't have to be completed at the same time. 
Fill in and submit at least the enrolment form now to secure your place.

​Returning to study at Pathways?

You only need to complete the Enrolment and Placement Forms.

The Enrolment Process

The enrolment process is slightly different depending on whether you are a domestic student or an international student.

For more information about what's involved in the enrolment process, download the appropriate PDF.

What does it cost?

For more information about fees for the NZ Diploma in Christian Studies (Level 5), please download the fee schedule.


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