This course introduces students to the critical interpretation of the Bible, with consideration given to the historical, literary, theological and contextual elements of Scripture. It teaches students the importance of accurately discerning the meaning of the Biblical text so it can be applied to ministry and their own faith journey.


I grew up in Tauranga under the wonderful direction of my parents who were pastors of a Brethren church. I was always challenged on issues of faith, and God seemed to reveal Himself in different ways throughout my childhood. When I was about 11, I was at camp at Totara Springs and heard a message from an Australian Worship Leader that led me to make a decision to follow Christ. God eventually led me into ministry as the Worship Pastor at The Street City Church in Wellington. This allowed me to experience and test what worship really is.

My passion is to see church leaders around NZ equipped to lead God's people in true, Spirit-filled worship, so in 2012 I was excited to launch the School of Worship Leading. My current role is Worship Development Coach for Chase Oaks Church.

I am married to the wonderful Mary, and we have two awesome sons named Reuben and Benjamin and a beautiful daughter, Abigail.


  1. Demonstrate an understanding of the influence of various contexts (historical, literary, theological) of a text on the meaning of that text;
  2. Demonstrate an ability to use a variety of tools for biblical study (e.g. concordances, commentaries, etc.);
  3. Explain both the potential and limitations in completing biblical word studies;
  4. Define appropriate interpretive methods for different genres of biblical literature;
  5. Utilise a basic method for exegesis, i.e. for interpreting and applying the Bible for ministry in today's world;
  6. Give reasons for the appropriateness of the method of interpretation.
  7. Display a sharpened ability in observing what is actually in the biblical text, thereby heightening the understanding of the impact of grammatical and syntactical issues on interpretation.



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