Pathways Book

Pathways College of Bible and Mission is excited to announce the upcoming release of: "Light on the Path: The Story of New Zealand’s Christian Brethren Training Establishments", written by David Burt.

Here is the story of two teaching institutions serving the Open Brethren, or Christian Brethren, churches in New Zealand. These institutions would eventually combine to form Pathways College of Bible & Mission. Each of the two original schools encountered major difficulties in their early stages, but survived to bless not only their students, but also the wider Brethren movement. This book tells the story of people, many with a deep Christian commitment, and it tells an inspiring story of the ways of God.

The text is illustrated with over 120 photographs.

The book is available for $29.95 (+ $7 postage and packaging) from the Pathways College office.


“Refreshingly candid, this account of an important part of the history of Biblical and Mission-focused training is also inspiring. The dedication of men and women to ensure opportunities were given for Christians to understand and be changed by the truth revealed in the Bible is an example for us today.  The story will be of particular interest to those who knew the times and the people involved.  Others, who recognise the urgency to develop the same passion and forthright determination to teach the truth and commissioning of the Bible in today’s context, will take heart from this book.  David Burt has both the knowledge of the times and the skill to bring it altogether in a delightfully readable volume.” - Harvey Rees-Thomas

"Dear David – during the holidays I have read your splendid book ‘Light on the Path’.
I have  really enjoyed it and may I say I thought it was very well written and presented. Although I was not a student at either institution there were many names that I recognised and recalled from earlier years. Thank you, and congratulations on an excellent record of that era." - John Robinson

"I am really impressed with both the presentation and the quality of the content. It appears to me that you have done a magnificent job in drawing it  all together and the end result is something to be proud of. That is, if we are allowed to be proud, but you know what I mean." - Ernie McLay