Because we do all our teaching through week-long block courses 6 times a year, our lecturers are able to come from all around New Zealand to teach our students. While they're not teaching our students, our faculty work in a range of different contexts, including churches and other mission and ministry organisations.


BCom, BA, PGDipTheol
God's Mission in the Old Testament

Emma has been involved in teaching at Pathways since 2012.  She is passionate about helping students enter more fully into the grand narrative of Scripture so it can shape how they understand God, themselves and others, and the way they engage in the world. Emma came to faith as a young adult causing her to do a major rethink not only of her beliefs, but also her values, priorities and vocation. This has given her an enduring interest in the formation of young adults and how to best support them to become more intentional about integrating their faith across all aspects of their life and ministry.

Emma spent six years as GC3’s Youth Director where she developed and then led Headspace (a missional discipleship program).  Prior to that she worked with World Vision and as a policy analyst for MDL.  Since 2012 Emma has volunteered alongside her husband as a partnership facilitator for Bright Hope World in SE Asia, served on the GC3 Board and continued her studies in theology.  She is currently exploring the formative intent of the Samaritan narrative in the Gospel of Luke as part of her PhD at Otago University. Emma grew up in rural New Zealand and now enjoys living in the Bay of Plenty with her husband and two children.

Emma Stokes, lectures God's mission in the Old Testament


PhD in Theology, MA in Theology, BCS
Following Christ, Engaging Culture, Interpreting the Bible, Romans

Richard Goodwin began teaching at Pathways in 2014. He is currently also Adjunct Assistant Professor of Theology and Culture at Fuller Theological Seminary in Los Angeles. He earned a PhD in Theology (Otago) and an MA in Theology (Fuller). His doctoral thesis explored the intersection of faith and movies, and he is interested in the ways Christians engage the wider culture, especially with respect to the arts and pop culture. Prior to theological study, Richard served as a youth pastor for seven years at Raleigh Street Christian Centre in Cambridge.

Richard Goodwin, lectures Following Christ, Engaging Culture

Elliot Rice

The Life of Christ Through the Gospels

Elliot has known the personal love of God in Jesus Christ as long as he can remember. Raised in a church-going family, he was discipled at Windsor Park Baptist Church on Auckland’s North Shore, and at Bays Primal Youth Group. This fostered a personal devotion to Jesus in Bible reading, prayer, and deep Christian relationships. The conviction that God moves people by his Spirit to the margins of society then developed for Elliot through his training at Carey Baptist College, and through his relationship and eventual marriage to Sarah. They both trained for ministry at Carey, with Elliot eventually graduating with a Master of Applied Theology. In their first year of marriage, Elliot and Sarah co-led Carey’s Intermission programme while living in an intentional Christian household in Manurewa. He believes our faith in Jesus should move us to costly mission. These days Elliot is one of our South Island lecturers. He serves as Co-Senior Pastor alongside Sarah at Papanui Baptist Church in northwest Christchurch, where they have lived since 2016. He is also involved in adjunct lecturing at Laidlaw College in Ōtautahi. Prior to theology, Elliot completed a Bachelor of Architectural Studies at Auckland University. These days, he continues to be passionate about theological research and teaching. As well as enjoying books, he is a keen hockey player, occasional worship leader with his guitar, and a lover of tramping, movies, and sports.


Christian Leadership

Growing up and living in Wellington my whole life I knew nothing about Christianity until my late teens. At which point I was exposed to church and Jesus, I leaned into what I was hearing and started to develop a faith and immediately was challenged to and began engaging with church. After completing high school, I studied law at Victoria University, got armored to the bar and looked forward to an exciting career. However a couple of years in I had a very clear call from God to redirect my career towards pastoral work.

So in 2009 I found myself in a position I would never have envisioned even a couple of years earlier, in full time church employment leading the youth ministry at LifeSwitch. After two years, I transitioned across to leading the church, which I continue, and love, to do today.

I am passionate about seeing people find Christ. And then seeing that faith change and cultivate them to the point where they like the apostle Paul get to a point where they live show they no longer count their life as dear unto themselves but rather to fulfill the assignment God has for them.
I have an incredible wife, Mindy, and five young kids that ensure life is crazy, chaotic yet super fun.

Clint Craig, LLB Christian Leadership


M.Div (Hons), BA (Theol), Dip.Bib.S
Spiritual Formation 1 & 2
Systematic Theology 1, 2 & 3
Preaching Ministry Elective

When I was about 18 I went through a major time of trying to figure out who God was, and therefore who I was in relation to Him. I had been living in Hamilton for two years attending Waikato Polytech. During this time I got pretty lost. In a wild way, God drew me to the NZ Assembly Bible School, where He began to open my eyes to his radical love for me. After working for the NZ Dairy Group (Fontera) as a computer nerd for three years, I then went to Moody Bible institute and completed a B.A in Theology, and then an MDiv at Denver Seminary. I returned to NZ and pastored a church in Cambridge for eight years, before starting here at Pathways College mid-2008.

I have a passion for presenting the Bible in a relevant and applicable way. Therefore, I love the combination of study and ministry that Pathways offers students and churches.

Craig Barrow, Lectures Spiritual Formation, Systematic Theology and Preaching Ministry Elective


Youth Ministry Elective 

Tom is the Director for Word of Life New Zealand. He and his wife Liz have been involved with Word of Life since 1991 after attending WOL Bible College in 1990 in Nelson. Tom was a sheep farmer for fifteen years but felt the call of God on his life as a young teenager to youth ministry. He is very passionate about reaching and discipling young people. This drives him to direct this ministry of Word of Life here in NZ.

Tom and Liz have 2 sons, Daniel and Joshua. Tom and Liz lives in Hamilton, NZ.

Tom McIvor, lectures Youth ministry elective


M. Couns, BA Soc Sci
Christian Camping Ministry Elective

Coming to know Jesus as a little girl, Alicia grew up in Auckland and moved Taupo (after living in China for 10 months) in her early 20s. A relationship with God has always been the centre of her life and the pursuit of her heart.  Alicia is married and along side her husband leads the Worship team at their church.

Deeply passionate about walking alongside people on their journey of life Alicia has; lead youth groups, grown leaders at Kids Camp, been a school chaplain, a school Counsellor, and in her current role at Christian Camping New Zealand has been involved in training young leaders for the past 6 years.  CCNZ grows young leaders serving at Christian camps around NZ; through running training events, producing resources and networking staff in camp sites with each other and relevant training material. 

Alicia believes in the power of Christian Camping to change lives, grow young leaders, and impact society. The Christian Camping Ministry Elective flows from Alicia's love of investing and training people so that they can pursue the potential of who they were created to be.

Alicia Kant, lectures Christian Camping ministry elective


M.A. (Theol/Couns), B.A. (Theol) (Hons)
Online Courses Tutor

I grew up in Cambridge, with Christian parents and, at a young age, made my own step of faith to trust in Jesus' sacrifice for me. After studying and then working a number of years in the field of Architectural Draughting, I decided, with my husband, to go into full-time study of Theology. We moved to the United States and studied there full-time for several years - I studied Theology, and then Theology and Counselling.

God has grown me into a greater and greater understanding and experience of the real freedom and joy in having a close relationship with Him, and He continues to do so. He has given me a passion for His Word, the Bible, and I am really excited about the opportunities that He is opening up through Pathways for more and more people to be able to study the Bible and grow in their understanding of and relationship with Him. 

I find the balance that Pathways encourages of studying God, growing in Him through the encouragement of personal mentors, and applying this all in life and ministry, to be something I am really thankful to be a part of.

Josephine Barrow, Online courses tutor


BComp.Syst., DipCM
Research Project

Perhaps the biggest motivator in my work at Pathways is seeing people reach their full potential, especially those that have missed opportunities or have had their life options limited in some way. What makes this so rewarding for me is being part of a team that actively encourages people, irrespective of their background, to mature into great Christian workers. In turn these are the people that will one day go on to help others just like them. 

I have had the privilege of working for a number of education providers in recent years. My main focus has been teaching and academic administration, and it's the things I've learnt from these experiences that I now apply at Pathways. Inevitably, working at different learning centres has led me to compare how well Pathways stacks up against equally good colleges. A stand-out for me is the awesome one-on-one pastoral care and support each student receives. It's possibly the best I've seen.

Stephen Hartfield, facilitates research project


Ministry with Children (Online)

I was born and raised on a dairy farm in a small rural town called Kaukapakapa. I grew up surrounded by family, who made up the majority of the small Brethren church I attended. These are the things that shaped how I think about faith, church and community. I love the outdoors, having spent my childhood up the back of the farm building huts and swimming in water holes. I believe in church as family, because that is what I experienced. I knew, even as a child, that I belonged. The Bible and communion are central, because those are the things my church treasured.

I have worked for Scripture Union in New Zealand for over 12 years, as a children and families worker. My role involves training children's ministry leaders around the country, as well as resource writing, camps and schools work. My training is as a primary school teacher. My love of the Bible led me to complete a Masters in Theology, looking at how Paul uses family language to describe how the church should operate. What gets me excited is helping equip leaders to explore the Bible with children, in a way that will develop deep faith, not just head knowledge.

Annette Osborne, lectures ministry with children online


BA Hons (First Class), Grad Dip Tchg, Grad Dip App Theol
Church History
James - Practical Christianity

Craig had the privilege of growing up in a loving and active Christian family.  His years as a student at Otago university were formative in helping establish his faith as his own.

After teaching in a secondary school and working as a pastor to students in Palmerston North, Craig is currently the Lead Pastor at Alexandra Baptist Church in sunny Central Otago.

Craig holds an Honours Degree in History (Massey) and postgraduate qualifications in Theology (Carey) and Teaching (Otago). 

He is passionate about exploring the influential role Christianity has had in shaping our world.  Craig is inspired by the legacy of those who have gone before and put their faith into action.

Craig is married to Dana and they have two amazing kids.  He loves Jesus, his family and friends, mountain biking, punk rock and berry ice-cream…pretty much in that order.

Craig Ashby, lectures Church history and James - Practical Christianity

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