Frequently Asked Questions About Studying with Pathways

Common Questions and Answers

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NZQA Statement:

  • Pathways College is "A private training establishment that has been granted registration by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority under Part 18 of the Education Act 1989." 
  • NZQA awarded the College a category 1 result after completing its most recent External Evaluation and Review (EER) in 2015.
  • NZQA is Highly Confident in the educational performance of Pathways College of Bible and Mission.
  • NZQA is Confident in the capability in self-assessment of Pathways College of Bible and Mission.

For more information about Pathways' NZQA accreditation, click here.

2018 Semester Dates

Semester 1: February 11th - June 29th.
Enrolment cut-off date: February 2nd, 2018.

Semester 2: July 22nd - December 7th.
Enrolment cut-off date: July 13th, 2018.


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