Effective pastoral care sums up God's heart and mind for His people. It provides ministry from the Trinity through His people to His people and out to His world. Shepherds of God's people serve under the Great Shepherd, growing to become like Him in their care of others. Central to the course is "God IS and we respond". Care is walking with others through their needs, and running with others through their growth, and sitting quietly with others in their losses, and celebrating with others in their joys. God's word and prayer and listening provide resources. Personal relationship with the Lord, the infilling of His Spirit and respect for others allow effective pastoral care.

Please note: As this is a non-specified course it cannot be accredited to an NZDipCS Level 5. For those of you wanting to complete the Level 5 Diploma only Level 5 courses/credits will count towards the completion of that diploma.


  1. Analyse the distinctive features of a range of pastoral situations
  2. Select from Christian resources what will provide appropriate care
  3. Discuss the appropriateness and implications of offering particular Christian insights to those involved in a range of selected pastoral situations
  4. Discern when to refer and who to refer to



Hi, I'm Richard Opie, married to Katherine. We have three sons and three daughters (in-law!) and they have given us seven grandchildren. We met teaching in Marton. At 22 God saved me. Kath willingly married me now that I was a child of God. Hallelujah (for both relationships)! We taught at the Gospel Schools in Fiji for six years and I learnt what culture is. Our return to Tauranga meant building a house with Charlie, Kath's dad, building a youth ministry in Otumoetai Bible Chapel and teaching at a high school. We served four years as pastors then tackled a degree at Laidlaw College. We pastored and counselled at Otumoetai for twenty-three years until Eden Community Church drew us to pastoral roles in Auckland. I'm retired – many say 'rewired'! We supervise, counsel, teach and spend two months in India teaching a post graduate course in counselling as well as spiritual direction, mentoring and soteriology.

May you find the course as stimulating as I did putting it together.


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