What is Pathways College On Demand?

Pathways College On Demand is a FREE subscription which enables church and ministry groups to engage in quality Biblical and Theological learning together in a variety of group settings. Whether it be as a home group in someone's living room, or in a mentoring session, Pathways College On Demand will help your ministry group to learn and grow together.

Here at Pathways, we believe in discipling people in the local church through excellent academics, ministry, and mentoring. To further this mission, we want to make all of our online content (videos, PDFs, etc.) available to the church.

Our online courses were created to enable individuals of any age, life stage, location or schedule to engage in quality Biblical and Theological study. Now we are pleased to be able to make these courses available for FREE. We are so excited to see how God is going to bless your communities through these online courses!


Pathways College On Demand is an audit program only. This means that you won't get any credit or be able to get a qualification by watching one or even all of these courses. 

What will you get?

A subscription to Pathways College On Demand for your church or ministry group will give you access to all of the video, audio and pdf files for each of the courses which appear in the list of currently available courses

During your subscription, these files will all be downloadable in order to make them available to you when it is not possible to access the internet.

Who should sign up?

Our online subscriptions are intended for churches and other ministry groups looking to learn and grow together. If your church or group is eager to sign up for an online course subscription, you'll need to appoint a key contact person, who will complete the registration process and handle all future subscription-related communication with Pathways College. 

How will you access the resources?

Each church or ministry group will have just one login, which the key contact person will make available to those who require access. However, you must not share this login information with anyone outside your church/ministry group. Each member of your group will be able to use this shared login to view or download the course files at any time during your subscription.

How can the online courses be used in your church community?

We encourage creativity in how you use the online courses.
To help spark some ideas, here are three possible ways that this content can be used: 

Home groups

You can advertise to home groups in your church about the different courses available. Then they can watch a video or two per gathering and discuss what they took in. A great course for a home group to work through is Spiritual Disciplines. This is a course where Craig Barrow interviews different people about different disciplines they practice to sustain their relationship and life with God. Great conversation will come from these videos! 

One-on-One Mentoring

These videos will also be great for one-on-one meetings because they are short - most are just 20 minutes long. This means you could watch a video with someone and then discuss and unpack what they learned. If there is someone in your church that could really do with some great leadership development, then doing a video a week in the Biblical Leadership course would be excellent! 

Large Group/Church Study

This is similar to the home group idea but on a larger scale, as a church you can work through an online course. This could be done by watching a Systematic Theology video and then having a person facilitate discussion afterwards. 

These are just some ideas that we have heard about. We encourage you to use these online courses in whatever way will best fit your church.


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