Many people would love to study the Bible but simply can't find the time

It's quite likely that your intention and desire to go deeper into God's Word is very real, but the simple fact of life's busyness often gets in the way and derails those great intentions. At Pathways College, we know that it's not always practical or possible to attend classes every week. In order to make biblical study more accessible to you regardless of your location, schedule, family commitments, health, or anything else that might make onsite study difficult, Pathways College has created these online courses. We currently have 11 courses available as online courses.

With Pathways College Online, you really can Learn Where You Like.

What will each Online Course look like?

Every year we will be adding more courses to the online course catalogue. As of Semester 1 2020 our online course catalog contains 11 courses: Biblical Worship, Christian Communication, Christian History, Interpreting the Bible, James, Old Testament Survey, New Testament Survey, Systematic Theology I, Systematic Theology II, Spiritual Formation, The Life of Christ through the Gospels, Theology in the Context of Aotearoa.

Each course is made up of videos, PDF's and other online resources. Interspersed throughout the courses are different assessments such as forum responses, reading quizzes, and written assignments. For the duration of each course (20 weeks), you will have a tutor who will be in continual contact with you to ensure you don't just complete the course but experience real growth through it all.

Who are the Online Courses for?

To be honest, pretty much anyone would benefit from doing one of these courses. The time commitment each week is only around 2.5-5 hours, and your tutor will give you great support so practically anyone will be able to succeed. 

Small Groups
The courses can also be tailored for a small group. In early 2018, we launched Pathways College On Demand, a subscription scheme that will enable churches to use our online courses in group settings. 

Audit Students 
Audit students watch all the videos and do the readings without being required to submit any of the assessments for the course they are enrolled in. This is a much less demanding way to increase your Bible knowledge without the full commitment of a regular student. This is now also completed via Pathways College On Demand.

How much time will it take each week?

Each course should take the average person between 2.5 and 5 hours a week (depending on the course) for the duration of the semester (March through mid-July for Semester 1 and late-July through early-December for Semester 2). 

The videos are downloadable so you can take them with you anywhere and watch them whenever you have some spare time. You can download them to your tablet, laptop or even your smartphone.

What does it cost?

The cost of each of our online courses depends on the credit value of the course. The price per credit is $46.00 for students taking a course.

Biblical Worship
Christian Communication
Christian History
Interpreting the Bible
Old Testament Survey
New Testament Survey
Spiritual Formation
Systematic Theology I
Systematic Theology II
The Life of Christ through the Gospels
Theology in the Context of Aotearoa

Each course will also have a required book or two that you will need to purchase in order to complete the required readings and assignments.

Download the fee schedule for additional information about the fees for our Online Courses.


Every Pathways student is required to have a spiritual mentor and is also encouraged to have an academic mentor. The academic mentor is there to help you with the assessments - everything from proof reading an assignment to help with citation. They are also there to help you contextualise your learning. The spiritual mentor is there to ensure you are encouraged as much as possible in your study, your spiritual life and your day-to-day life by someone you know and trust. Their role is to support you throughout your study with Pathways. This is done through ongoing bi-monthly one-on-one meetings, discussing any area of study or life that you may need help and encouragement in.

What kind of interaction will there be?

You will have a tutor who will contact you at least every two weeks - and more if needed. They will phone, text, email, or contact you in whatever other way is needed to give you the support you need to make the most of this opportunity.

After you've enrolled for an online course, you'll be set up with a Moodle account. In Moodle, there are a number of videos and resources to help you with the different administrative components of the course, such as using your email and assignment submission, how to write an assignment, course overviews and introductions from the lecturers. 

A key part of the course will be establishing a good online community with other Pathways Online students. For example, some of the assessments will require you to comment on other students' reflections to a case study, or to watch their video responses to a question, and comment on these.


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