Pathways College of Bible and Mission is a Bible College based in Tauranga, New Zealand, which provides tertiary level training in the areas of Biblical studies, Theology and Ministry.

Once called the New Zealand Assembly Bible School (NZABS), the college was established in 1959 and for many years operated as a residential college in Auckland, New Zealand. In 2000, the NZABS, amalgamated with Global Literature Outreach Bible and Missionary College (GLO) to form what today is known as Pathways College of Bible and Mission. As a result of this amalgamation, Pathways College has a heritage of both robust Biblical studies and hands-on ministry and missional practice.

It’s our mission to disciple people in the local Church through excellent academics, ministry and mentoring. Today, students of Pathways College enjoy the opportunity and freedom to study from anywhere in New Zealand and around the world. People that may not have had access to Christian education in the past can now study from anywhere.

As a non-profit (or not-for-profit) organisation, this is made possible through the generous financial support of likeminded donors who want to see the Christian community grow.

Pathways graduates are sort after and can now be found in every part of society. Christian organisations, influencing communities, helping people in need, youth and higher education, charity work, NZ and overseas missions, supporting the disadvantaged and underprivileged, philanthropy, and many more.

The college offers a number of study opions:

  • Internships: We offer an internship programme. Using an Internship model, students complete these programmes with an NZ Diploma of Christian Studies (Level 5).
  • School of Worship Leading: This is a one to year, part-time programme designed to provide students with biblical and theological foundations and practical worship leading training. Through this programme, our aim is to take people with great hearts and musical ability and mould them into fully competent, trained and equipped worship leaders for their church contexts.
  • Online Courses: Since 2015, we have gradually been reformatting and filming all of the courses taught in our internship programmes in order to make these courses available online. We want to make theological study accessible to people who normally would not be able to devote an entire year to study due to schedule, location, family commitments, or life stage.
  • Pastoral Leadership: We also offer a pastoral training programme for students in Brethren churches. The Pastoral Leadership programme is offered in partnership with Carey Baptist College.

  • Pathways College On Demand:  we offer free subscription scheme to enable churches to utilise our online course materials.

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