More Than Theology Podcast
by Pathways College

'More Than Theology' was birthed out of a desire to foster conversations about faith that are current, practical, and rooted in sound theological and biblical understanding. In this podcast, Pathways College staff and faith leaders of Aotearoa will discuss important ideas for believers and seek to make those applicable to life in this present postmodern day. 

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This podcast provides conversations that help equip and encourage believers to seek a better understanding of theology and the Bible while navigating through life in this present postmodern day. We aim to speak about current topics and let God's Word guide the way wee see the world around us and how we navigate it.

Episode List

  1. S1 E1: Introducing the More Than Theology Podcast  with Richard & Ben
  2. S1 E2: Innovation in Ministry with Jeremy Suisted
  3. S1 E3: Invitation in our Worship  with Chris Opie
  4. S1 E4: Faith and Science, Christian Working in Science and the COVID-19 Vaccine  with Dr. Jacob Martin
  5. S1 E5: A Māori Perspective On Family and Adoption  with Taryn Dryfhout
  6. S1 E6: The Pākehā Journey  with Zoë Forrest
  7. S1 E7: Big Tech, Social Media, and Technology Usage  with Rory Birkbeck
  8. S1 E8: Reframing Liturgy in Contemporary Worship with Malcolm Gordon
  9. S1 E9: Conversational Evangelism in a Pandemic with Dave Mann (Shining Lights Trust) 
  10. S1 E10: Church At Home with Nick and Sarah Field
  11. S1 E11: Developing Character with Brian Goodwin
  12. S1 E12: Words That Define A Movement with Brian Goodwin
  13. S1 E13: The Unhurried & Unharried Life with Mark Forrest
  14. S1 E14: Leading Worship When It's Online with Yvonne Heng
  15. S1 E15: Reading Revelation Well with Jordan Chapman
  16.  S1 E16: Understanding and Living Out 1 Peter with Jordan Chapman
  17. S1 E16: Music that Encourages Worship with Grant Norsworthy

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