2022 Fees

NZ Diploma of Christian Studies, Level 5 (Internship)Domestic StudentsInternational Students
Student Course Costs$2,202$2,202
Special Diets for Block Courses 

NZ Diploma of Christian Studies, Level 6 (Leadership)Domestic StudentsInternational Students
Student Course Costs$2,200$2,200
Special Diets for Block Courses  $140$140

School of Worship Leading                                       Domestic Only
Tuition                                                         $2,760
SoWL Days$50 each
Student Facility Fee (Paid Annually)$56

Online Courses - Credit Students                          Domestic Only
Tuition - 5 credit courses                           $230
Tuition - 10 credit courses$460
Student Facility Fee (Paid Annually)$56

Online Courses - Audit Students                             Domestic Only
Tuition - 5 credit courses $115
Tuition - 10 credit courses$230

Other Fees - All Programmes
Application Fee (new students only)$100
Assessment Regrade (per assessment)$30
Late Assessment Submission Grading$30
Pathways Connect or Gmail Reactivation$30
Replacement Diploma or Transcript$30
Replacement Student ID Card$20

Student Loans and Allowances

New Zealand citizens and some residents enrolling in the Level 5 Internship or Level 6 Leadership courses may be eligible for StudyLink student loans or allowances (allowance not available for part-time study). 

Visit www.studylink.govt.nz and apply early.


Students serving in CCCNZ / Open-Brethren heritage churches are eligible to apply for the JH Baldwin Scholarship provided by the Lichfield Lands Incorporated Society. For more information, visit www.3trustsscholarships.nz.

Some local churches also support individual students with their tuition fees.

Fees Free Study

If you're a New Zealand citizen or resident and you're about to start your first year of tertiary, you could be eligible for up to one year of fees free study.

Check if you are eligible by visiting www.feesfree.govt.nz and entering your National Student Number (NSN).

FAQs about Fees and Payments

When will I receive an invoice? 

You will receive an invoice for your course fees once your enrolment has been confirmed. 
Students enrolled in Online Courses will be invoiced at the beginning of each semester of study, while all other students will be invoiced annually. 

Can I get a refund if I withdraw from my course or programme?

If you withdraw from a course or programme within the first two weeks of semester, you will receive a refund of your fees (minus a non-refundable administration fee). After the second teaching week you may still withdraw from your course or programme but you will not be eligible for any refund. 

Can my church or placement organisation pay my fees? 

Yes, your church or placement organisation can pay your fees, but the invoice will be addressed to you. Regardless of the source of payment of your fees, you are responsible for ensuring that these are paid by the due date listed on your invoice. 

Why are my fees deposited into a Public Trust account?

All student fees are paid directly to Public Trust. In accordance the Education and Training Act 2020 and the Student Fee Protection Rules 2021, Pathways College uses the Public Trust to protect all fees paid by students in connection with their study. The Public Trust transfers these funds to Pathways College in monthly instalments spread over the duration of your study. This ensures that your fees are protected from situations which may see our institution having to close. Should Pathways College close down, any unused portion of student fees at the time of closure, including tuition and accommodation fees, are refunded to the student in accordance with NZQA's policy.

Notes about fees:

  1. All prices include GST.
  2. The fees for the Level 5 and 6 diploma courses include the cost of accommodation and food during the six intensive block-course weeks. Incidental costs associated with study such as travel, non-block week accommodation, stationery or costs relating to your particular internship placement are not included.  
  3. The International Student fees for students enrolled in the Level 5 and 6 diploma courses do not include airport transfers, costs associated with visa applications, insurances and other associated travel expenses as these are the sole responsibility of the individual.
  4. The School of Worship Leading programme and Online Courses are not available to International Students.
  5. StudyLink loans and allowances and Fees-Free cannot be accessed for the School of Worship Leading programme or Online Courses.
  6. Fees are subject to change without notification.
  7. Pathways College of Bible & Mission is accredited by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) and is a Category 2 provider, however, the SOWL certificate programme and Online Courses are not accredited. This means a student will be awarded a non-NZQA certificate of completion after successfully meeting all course requirements. Students can apply for individual courses which have been successfully completed to be cross credited towards the 120 credit New Zealand Diploma in Christian Studies (Level 5) offered by Pathways if applying to transfer to this NZQA Level 5 qualification.

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