When I was about 18 I went through a major time of trying to figure out who God was, and therefore who I was in relation to Him. I had been living in Hamilton for two years attending Waikato Polytechnic working on a computer programming course. During this time I got pretty lost in a number of ways. After this I ended up at the NZ Assembly Bible School, where God confronted me with Himself and His incredible care for me while I was working on an assignment in the book of Luke. This completely changed who I was. I headed to the United States to Study Theology in 1993. I returned to NZ and pastored a church in Cambridge for eight years, before starting here at Pathways College mid-2008.

I have a passion for presenting the Bible in a relevant and applicable way. Therefore, I love the combination of study and ministry that Pathways offers students and churches.


Systematic Theology is offered in two parts - Systematic Theology I and Systematic Theology II. This course, Systematic Theology II, will continue on from Systematic Theology I introducing you to more of the fundamentals of Systematic Theology. The purpose of the course is not to try to cover all aspects of Systematic Theology, but rather to excite in you a desire for further study and to give you a foundational understanding to make this happen.


  1. The purpose and sources of systematic theology and the skills required to engage in the discipline.
  2. An introduction to the discipline of systematic theology.
  3. Engagement with a variety of doctrines such as the Prayer, Christology, Salvation and end times.
  4. Beginning to apply systematic theology to life.

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