50% study. 50% ministry.

100% relevant in the real world.

If you want to love God and serve Him well, you need to keep theology and action together.

If you want to love God and serve Him well, you need to keep
theology and action together. Without deep Bible knowledge, ministry becomes shallow and secular. And without loving action, theology becomes stagnant and irrelevant. But if you can fuse theology and action together in the same experience, you have something powerful and life-changing, a living knowledge that pleases God in the real world.  

This fusion of theology and action is what Pathways College offers you. As a Bible college, we are 100% committed to giving our students a deep theological base. As an internship, we also require our students to spend 50% of their time learning practically in their fields of ministry. At Pathways, we believe this action-knowledge dynamic is how people truly learn and develop.

Is God calling you to step up in your relationship with Him by doing in-depth Bible study alongside practical ministry? Are you serious about learning and growing in your faith AND putting that faith into practice?

We're currently taking enrolments for Semester 2!

Many people would love to study the Bible, but simply can't find the time

You might have the desire, but it is simply that life can get too busy.
Pathways College is redesigning many of it's courses from the ground up. They are specifically created to enable anyone, anywhere, to study God's word!
These online courses could be perfect for you.
Learn where you like.
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Worship Sessions

Our first two worship sessions for 2017 have both been incredible days of learning, and we're looking to our next and final session for 2017, which is coming up soon!

If you missed the first and second sessions, don't worry! - You can still sign up for the last session, to be held on the 15th of August!

Our goal within these sessions is to take people with great hearts and musical ability and mould them into a fully competent, trained and equipped worship leaders for their church context.

The Worship Sessions focus on the WHAT, HOW, and WHY of Worship, with teaching from some of New Zealand's Top Worship Leaders.

Topic covered include:
- What is worship? - A biblical picture of wroship
- How we worship - Practical calsses on leading worship
- Why we worship - Spiritual: Developing your personal worship

Price: $50 per person.
Morning tea and lunch will be provided.

Register yourself and your worship team members by following this link and filling in the enquiry form.

If these sessions sound like just what you're looking for to grow in your worship leading, Register now!