50% study. 50% ministry.

100% relevant in the real world.

If you want to love God and serve Him well, you need to keep theology and action together.

If you want to love God and serve Him well, you need to keep theology and action together. Without deep Bible knowledge, ministry becomes shallow and secular. And without loving action, theology becomes stagnant and irrelevant. But if you can fuse theology and action together in the same experience, you have something powerful and life-changing, a living knowledge that pleases God in the real world.

As a Bible college, we are 100% committed to giving our students a deep theological base.
As an internship, we also require our students to spend 50% of their time learning practically in their fields of ministry. 

At Pathways, we believe this action-knowledge dynamic is how people truly learn and develop. This fusion of theology and action will not only help you to grow deeper in your relationship with God: it will also help you to grow in confidence to teach or lead in various ministry contexts, to share the gospel, and to tell others about your faith.

Many people would love to study the Bible, but simply can't find the time

You might have the desire, but it is simply that life can get too busy.
Pathways College is redesigning many of it's courses from the ground up. They are specifically created to enable anyone, anywhere, to study God's word!
These online courses could be perfect for you.
Learn where you like.
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