Study From Anywhere

Study From Anywhere

Study From Anywhere

Study From Anywhere

Study From Anywhere

Study From Anywhere

Contextualised Biblical Learning with Practical Application

Study With Pathways

  • Focussed on doing, being, serving Jesus Christ
  • Understand and experience the depth of Christ's love
  • Experience the fullness of life and power
  • 50% Study and learning
  • 50% Doing and application

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Study from anywhere in New Zealand. Become qualified in one of four of our main streams:

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You may be eligible for one year free study

The NZ Government has announced that from 1st January 2018 tertiary education will be fees-free for eligible first time tertiary students.

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Find out more about loans, transferring, accreditation, courses, costs, pre-requisits, and more.


Pathways College On Demand Video Learning

All new Pathways College On Demand for churches
is now live!

Thanks to Pathways I am a more effective leader, I'm better organised, and my study skills have been greatly sharpened.

Diploma of Christian Ministry, 2016


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