Worship Ministry Training

School of Worship Leading (SoWL)

Grow your biblical understanding of worship. Deepen your personal heart for worship. Capably lead Spirit-filled and Christ-centered worship. Pathways' School of Worship Leading (SoWL) exists to empower worshippers and worship leaders, to see the worshipping lives of our church communities enriched with a deeper understanding of biblical, spiritual and practical aspects of worship and worship leading.

What is SoWL Day?

SoWL (School of Worship Leading) Day is a full day of worship leading workshops presented by Pathways Bible College. These days typically run from 10am until 5pm, and are fully catered. SoWL Days provide training and inspiration for worship ministry teams and leaders with a focus on the Biblical, Practical and Spirtual aspects of worship and worship leading. Guest speakers and topics vary.

Who are SoWL Days for?

Anyone can register for a SoWL Day. SoWL Days are designed for anyone involved in their church worship ministry team with a desire to connect with others in their region, and be inspired by biblical, spiritual and practical teaching around worship, and get better equipped to lead Spirit-filled and Christ-centered worship.

What does it cost?

SoWL Days cost $50 per person, and are fully catered. Group discounts are available.

How to Register

To find out more about our next SoWL Day and to register, see here.

Happy graduate student of Pathways Bible College

“I was appointed the head of my church’s music ministry and had no idea what to do. Pathways has taught me the importance of leading myself before leading others as well as practical skills such as people leadership, service planning and working more effectively with my pastor and church family.”

– Nick McConnell, 2019 Pathways Graduate (School of Worship Leading, Level 5)


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