About Us

To be a Christ-centred College to equip, support, and encourage healthy and vibrant churches throughout Aotearoa and beyond.

Pathways exists to help form disciples of Jesus in greater Christlikeness through biblical and practical training for involvement in God’s mission through the Church for the sake of the world.


To Christ, God’s Word, and his mission.


Towards Christlikeness through instruction and practices aimed at shaping head, heart, and hands.


Nurturing relationships through shared experiences to strengthen each member of our whānau.


Collaborating and connecting with our partners and across all cultures to build mutually beneficial relationships to achieve our mission.


Demonstrating love, kindness, and humility through intentional action in the service of Christ.

Our Story

Imagine it's 1958 ...

Sir Edmund Hillary has just become the first person in nearly half a century to reach the South Pole. Bryan Barratt-Boyes has successfully performed New Zealand’s first open-heart surgery. The All Blacks have won the Bledisloe Cup ... again (go, you good thing!). Kiwis are achieving great things. And the same smarts, grit and belly-fire that made these achievements possible can be found in a handful of visionaries with an idea: to establish a school serving up exceptional biblical education, particularly to believers from Open Brethren churches. The result? That year, New Zealand Assembly Bible School (NZABS) was founded in Auckland.

GLO Training Centre for Open Brethren Missionaries blazes a trail

Fastforward to 1975 ... Years earlier, a chocolate-maker-turned-missionary had established Gospel Literature Outreach (GLO) to promote a radical new idea: short-term missions. In those days, “short-term” still meant, like, three years (none of these namby-pamby two-week missions trips we call “short-term” now!). But three years still requires major training. So in the mid-70s, the GLO Training Centre was set up in Te Awamutu to help would-be missionaries from the Open Brethren movement prep for overseas missions.

The Merger of NZABS and GLO into Pathways College of Bible and Mission

It's now the Year 2000. These two colleges both thrived—more like friends than foes. In fact, they worked so well together that they decided to make it official. In the year 2000, like the kids from Captain Planet, NZABS and GLO combined their academic and missional superpowers to become a single entity: Pathways College of Bible and Mission. Shortly after its beginning under this new name, Pathways moved from a residential to field-based (e.g. internship) model, which has allowed Pathways to retain the best of both its predecessor colleges, top-notch biblical study and real-world practical ministry.

The Legacy of Pathways Bible College

Back to the present day. Pathways College is carrying the torch, living into this rich legacy. The name, structure and haircuts have changed; the goal has not. We’re still 100% committed to outstanding biblical and theological education. Throughout our history, we’ve trained 2000+ women and men to follow Jesus, become more like him and serve him whole-heartedly in the 21st century. Want to join us? Enrol today.

NZQA Accreditation

Pathways College is "A private training establishment that has been granted registration by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority under Part 18 of the Education Act 1989".

NZQA awarded the College a category 2 result after completing its most recent External Evaluation and Review (EER) in 2021.

NZQA is Confident in the educational performance of Pathways College of Bible and Mission.

NZQA is Confident in the capability in self-assessment of Pathways College of Bible and Mission.

For more information about Pathways' NZQA accreditation, click here:

Code of Practice 2023

Student Support and Wellbeing

Pathways College is committed to providing guidance and support to all our students. This includes when students are in their home location, at Block courses or in their ministry placements. This occurs through regular personal mentoring, pastoral care and ministry placement supervision.

Pathways College has agreed to observe and be bound by the Code of Practice published by the Ministry of Education (2021) and managed by NZQA. The Certificate declaring Pathways College is a signatory is displayed in a public place.

NZQA sets out guidelines and responsibilities for providers like Pathways College to support student wellbeing, development and educational achievement. The Pastoral Care of Tertiary and International Learners Code of Practice 2021 is implemented fully at Pathways. It exists to ensure you have the best possible support systems in place during your time as a student at Pathways College. This code can be viewed at

Each year, Pathways is required to conduct a self-review of all processes related to the care of domestic and international students and attest to NZQA that this has been done and the desired outcomes attained.

Self- Review Attestation Summary 2022

All tertiary providers are required to annually conduct a self-review against the Code of Practice. The summary below outlines our assessment of the implementation of the Code of Practice in November 2022. The self-review was conducted through a collaborative process involving staff, Adjunct Faculty, stakeholders and student evaluation data.

Outcomes 1 - 4 refer to learner wellbeing and safety systems, the inclusion of learner voice, ensuring safe and inclusive physical and digital learning environments and processes to ensure learner safety.

Outcomes 5 - 7 relate specifically to student accommodation. We do not have student accommodation throughout the year although students attend several one-week block courses during their time as a student at Pathways College.

Outcomes 8 - 12 relate to the wellbeing of international students specifically, the information made available to those learners, the enrolment and orientation process as well as processes to ensure international students are kept safe and that there is adequate supervision of these learners. In 2022 there were no international students studying at Pathways College, however, the correct policies and procedures in place for international students meet the requirements of the Code and have been well-implemented when international students have studied at Pathways College.

Through the evidence gathered our self-assessment against the code sits at the WELL-IMPLEMENTED stage. We continue to review our policies, processes and practices to ensure our students are well supported and that we provide a safe, inclusive and responsive learning environment for our students.

Code Outcome


Self-Review Rating

Outcome 1

A learner wellbeing and safety system

Well- implemented

Outcome 2

Learner voice

Well- implemented

Outcome 3

Safe, inclusive, supportive and accessible physical and digital learning environments

Well- implemented

Outcome 4

Learners are safe and well

Well- implemented

Outcomes 5 - 7

Student accommodation

Not applicable

Outcome 8

Responding to the distinct wellbeing and safety needs of international tertiary learners

Well- implemented

Outcome 9

Prospective international tertiary learners are well informed

Well- implemented

Outcome 10

Offer, enrolment, contracts, insurance and visa

Well- implemented

Outcome 11

International learners receive appropriate orientations, information and advice

Well- implemented

Outcome 12

Safety and appropriate supervision of international tertiary learners

Well- implemented

Overall Implementation

Well- implemented

Student Wellbeing

All staff members have an open-door policy in regard to student access to them for assistance in all aspects of learning and spiritual development. Online learners may text, phone or email staff members and can expect a prompt response.

Pathways College staff will guide students with advice regarding fees-free eligibility, student allowances, loans and student services.

Assistance is available through specialist agencies for such matters as hearing disability, physical disability or counselling. Contact with these is the prerogative of the student but advice may be gained through perusing available listings or seeking help through the Pathways College Office Manager.

For students from countries outside New Zealand, pastoral and spiritual support help can be arranged with spiritual leaders in the appropriate language. Requests should be made through the Principal for these services.

Students meet their mentors regularly for support and encouragement. College staff accept the privilege and responsibility of praying for all students.

Support is also available for students through their placement organisation and the local church they attend.

Complaints and grievance procedures

There are defined procedures for student appeal, complaint, discipline, withdrawal and dismissal.  All such procedures are published in the Student Handbook.

Pathways Brand

In 2022 Pathways Bible College embarked on a transformative journey of self-discovery and growth. With 65 years of history, it was time to assess our brand image and gauge our stakeholders' perceptions.

Our Staff

As a Pathways Bible College student, you will get to know our staff. These include lecturers, administrators, marketing, IT, accounts staff, and others who are dedicated to serving the educational needs of students. Our staff bring a unique perspective and set of skills to their roles, and play a vital role in creating a positive and supportive environment for students.

Dr. Francine Bennett, Principal of Pathways Bible College

Dr. Francine Bennett | Principal

EdD, MEdAdmin (Hons), BA, GradDipAppTheol, Dip.Tchg.

Francine is a highly dedicated educational professional with over 40 years of teaching and leadership experience. She has served in various leadership roles, including as the Principal of KingsWay School in Auckland for 15 years. She has made significant contributions to the field of education through her doctoral thesis on succession planning in faith-based organisations. Francine is known for her passion for empowering staff and students and for her love of sports, music, drama, and the arts. She leads a full and fulfilling life that values fun, food, and fellowship.

Dr. Richard Goodwin, Academic Director at Pathways Bible College

Dr. Richard Goodwin | Academic Director of Teaching and Learning

PhD in Theology, MA in Theology, BCS

Richard is a theologian and educator. He has taught at Pathways since 2014, besides his role at Pathways, also holds a position as Affiliate Assistant Professor of Theology and Culture at Fuller Theological Seminary in the US. He holds a PhD in Theology from Otago and an MA from Fuller. His book Seeing Is Believing: The Revelation of God Through Film was published by IVP Academic in 2022. He research interests include the intersection of Christianity and culture, especially through the media, arts and pop culture. Richard previously served as a youth pastor and is now an elder at his church. He is married to Hilly and is the proud dad of two young boys.

Grace Chamberlain, Academic Dean at Pathways Bible College

Grace Chamberlain | Academic Dean

BA, BAppTheol

Grace's passion for learning and ministry shines through in her journey from Bachelor of Applied Theology graduate to Academic Dean at Pathways College. After serving as Project Manager at the college, she relocated to Auckland to pastor Māngere Bridge Baptist Church with her husband. In 2022, she returned to Pathways College eager to use her skills and gifts to contribute to the transformative work of training students for ministry and life. Grace is a dynamic preacher and lecturer, but her true passion lies in learning. She's currently pursuing her Master of Applied Theology and dreams of eventually earning a Ph.D. in Theology, with a focus on New Testament Studies.

Rosie Devery, Director of Worship Ministry Training at Pathways Bible College

Rosie Devery | Director of Worship Ministry Training

BMus (Jazz Perf), DipCM

Rosie Devery is a worship leader and is the Director of Worship Ministry Training. She comes from a missionary family background and discovered her passion for worship leading as a Pathways intern in 2009. After studying Jazz Performance at Auckland University, she relocated to Tauranga and is currently serving on the worship team at St Luke's Church. Through worship ministry training she aims to empower worship leaders and ministry teams, inspiring them to lead people in Christ-centred and Spirit-filled worship. She's currently completing her Graduate Diploma in Theology. Rosie is married to Ben and they have two sons.

Vivette Bradley, Digital Communications at Pathways Bible College

Vivette Bradley | Digital Communications and Marketing Manager

PGCert (Mgt), BCom

Vivette joined Pathways from the tertiary education sector, and strives to support its growth and development through effective marketing and communication strategies at Pathways. She is dedicated to creating opportunities for success and brings a genuine commitment, expertise and passion to her work. Having lived in Tauranga for over 25 years, she has deep roots in the community and a sincere affection for the area. Vivette, her husband and family enjoy pursuing outdoor activities and she is honoured to serve her community as a Trustee on the Lifezone Church Board.

Lynley Pickering, accounts at Pathways Bible College

Lynley Pickering | Business Operations Manager


Lynley is a Chartered Accountant with three decades of experience and now works full-time at Pathways, ensuring the smooth running of our organisation.  She has also helped grow a women's fashion label into a successful global business and provided medical aid on the Island Mercy in the Pacific.  With two young adult sons, she's a versatile and adventurous professional.

Mark Davies at Pathways Bible College

Mark Davies

Mark has been involved at Pathways College since 2020 and provides oversight and maintenance for all digital and technical areas, including our SMS, LMS and anything else requiring expertise and assistance to ensure digital/technological processes and equipment meet the needs of our staff and students.

Our Board

Where faith, experience and governing come together.

The Board’s primary role is to provide oversight and governance of the College to ensure it meets its objectives, as outlined in the Trust Deed. The Board is accountable to serve churches associated with Christian Community Churches of New Zealand (CCCNZ) and the Christian Brethren movement in New Zealand.

In particular, the Board directs and monitors the management of the Business and affairs of the College including:

  • Strategy

  • Management

  • Reporting and Disclosure

  • Ethics

  • People

  • Risk Management

Clint Craig of Pathways Bible College

Clint Craig | Chair

Bachelor of Law (LLB)

Clint is a highly experienced and accomplished Lead Pastor who has devoted the past decade to leading LifeSwitch in Lower Hutt. With a Bachelor of Law under his belt, Clint is not only a spiritual leader but also brings valuable legal expertise to his role. Clint's dedication to his work is matched only by his devotion to his family, and he prioritises spending time with them whenever possible. In addition to his family and his work, Clint is deeply committed to growing in his faith and seeking advice and wisdom to improve himself and better serve his congregation. When he's not working or spending time with loved ones, Clint enjoys hitting the links for a round of golf with friends. With his passion, expertise, and unwavering commitment to his community, Clint is an exceptional leader who inspires all those around him.

 Ian Payne of Pathways Bible College

Ian Payne

MTh(Hons), PhD in Theology

Ian is a seasoned Christian leader who has made significant contributions to the Pathways College community. Having served as Principal for five years, Ian now serves as a board member, where he continues to inspire and encourage the development of Christian leaders. Raised in Kerala, India, Ian's life journey has been shaped by his Christian upbringing and professional experiences. He spent several years working as an architect in New Zealand before returning to India with his family in 1994. There, he pursued theological studies at SAIACS and later served as Principal for 10 years, where he made a significant impact on the institution's growth and development. Ian's leadership extends beyond Pathways College; he currently leads Theologians Without Borders and is a published author of several books. His life's work is a testament to his unwavering commitment to promoting Christian leadership and growth, both in India and globally.

 Danielle Diprose of Pathways Bible College

Danielle Diprose


Danielle is an accomplished Senior Accountant with more than 14 years of experience in business advisory and compliance, as well as an impressive track record in Christian administration. Armed with a Bachelor of Business in Accountancy, a Post Graduate Diploma in Professional Accountancy, and a Graduate Certificate in Christian Studies, Danielle is currently working on a Master of Faith-Based Leadership and Management degree from Otago University. With a passion for public theology, she is exploring the intersection of theology and abundance in faith-based, for-purpose organizations in New Zealand. Danielle has served as a treasurer and board secretary and is a member of the Institute of Directors, and is also a valued board member for Arrow Leadership NZ. Danielle is a dynamic and multi-talented professional whose diverse experience and theological expertise enable her to make a significant impact in her field.

 Michael Hanson of Pathways Bible College

Michael Hanson

Michael is deeply enthusiastic about engaging in intellectual debate and pondering strategies for living a God-centred life. He has an ardent desire for humanity to fulfill their divine potential and for the Gospel to revolutionise the world. Michael's diverse background encompasses pastoral work, theological training, and cross-cultural missions. Presently, as Executive Director, he is in charge of managing the GC3 team. He is happily married to Carolyn and they are blessed with four grown-up children. Michael and Carolyn regularly attend Orewa Community Church in Auckland.

 Chuck Kroeker of Pathways Bible College

Chuck Kroeker

Hailing all the way from Canada, Chuck is now the manager of Pacific Park Christian Holiday Camp, nestled on the picturesque Papamoa Beach. Chuck's passion for Christian camps started when he was young, attending camp programs from a young age and volunteering in the mid to late 90s and becoming full time staff after attending Bible College in Canada. He honed his skills as the Executive Director of Bird River Bible Camp, a residential youth summer camp facility in Manitoba, for nearly a decade. Chuck's desire to serve his community led him to join the Bird River Fire Department in 2005, where he climbed the ranks to become captain and dedicated seven years of service. In 2012, Chuck and his family set their sights on New Zealand, where he became the Programme Manager at Tui Ridge, a premier Event and Residential Holiday Camp Centre. With his wife and two girls now firmly planted in New Zealand, he is passionate to see Christian Camping and the Church grow and flourish in Aotearoa.

 Dr. Richard Fountain of Pathways Bible College

Dr. Richard Fountain

Dip. Adult Teaching, PhD Biblical Studies, MA Theology, BAgSci

Richard works as the Auckland Enabler for Christian Community Churches of NZ (CCCNZ), partnering with CCCNZ and Open Brethren churches to establish relationships in the wider Auckland area. He is passionate about working with churches and service providers to train leaders who can help establish and grow new churches. He has extensive experience as a Senior Pastor, theological consultant, and Bible and ministry instructor, and has taught in New Zealand and internationally. Richard has also done mission work in various countries, including Sudan, Vietnam, and Nepal. Richard and his wife Karen live in Mangere and attend the Wiremu Street Bible Chapel community.

 Dr. Francine Bennett, Principal at Pathways Bible College

Dr. Francine Bennett | Principal

EdD, MEdAdmin (Hons), BA, GradDipAppTheol, DipTchg

Francine is the Chief Executive of Pathways College, responsible for daily operations in line with the board's policies. With over 40 years of experience in education, she brings a wealth of expertise, a commitment to excellence, and a passion for education. Francine's leadership has been essential in shaping the college's strategic vision, guiding its growth and development, and creating a culture of excellence and achievement.

Our Faculty

Introducing our faculty team, a group of passionate and knowledgeable individuals dedicated to providing top-quality education to our students. Our educational methodology for Level 5 and Level 6 involves conducting intensive, week-long block courses, held six and four times annually, respectively. This approach enables us to attract a diverse pool of lecturers from various regions across New Zealand. Our faculty members possess a wealth of practical experience, having worked in a variety of settings, including churches and other mission-driven organisations.

Dr. Francine Bennett, Principal at Pathways Bible College

Dr. Francine Bennett

EdD, MEdAdmin (Hons), BA, GradDipAppTheol, DipTchg

Francine is a highly dedicated educational professional with over 35 years of experience. She has served in various leadership roles, including as the Principal of KingsWay School in Auckland for 15 years, and has made significant contributions to the field of education through her doctoral thesis on succession planning in faith-based organisations. Francine is known for her passion for empowering students and for her love of sports, music, drama, and the arts. She leads a full and fulfilling life that values fun, food, and fellowship.

Lecturer: Leadership – Biblical Principles and Models

Dr Richard Goodwin of Pathways Bible College

Dr. Richard Goodwin

PhD in Theology, MA in Theology, BCS

Richard has taught at Pathways since 2014. He is also Affiliate Assistant Professor at Fuller Theological Seminary (USA), where he teaches courses in the area of theology and pop culture. He earned his MA in Theology from Fuller before completing a PhD in Theology through the University of Otago. His doctoral thesis on theology and film was published in 2022 as Seeing Is Believing: The Revelation of God Through Film (IVP Academic). He is passionate about the intersection of Christianity and culture, especially through the arts. Dr. Richard previously served as a youth pastor and is now an elder at his church. He is also a devoted family man, married to Hilly and father of two sons.

Lecturer: Systematic Theology I & II | Christian Communication | Leading in a Digital and Secular Culture | Supervised Ministry Training | Extended Supervised Ministry Training

 Emma Stokes, of Pathways Bible College

Emma Stokes

Post Grad Dip App Theol, Grad Dip App Theol, BCom/BA

Emma is a lecturer in Bible and Mission at Carey Baptist College and a PhD candidate at Otago University. She enjoys bringing the Bible to life for students and believes reading Scripture well cultivates vibrant faith and resources transformative ministry. Emma has previously served as Youth Director for GC3 where she led a missional discipleship programme and was involved in mission education. She serves on the boards of GC3 and Bright Hope World, and is a partnership facilitator for BHW in Southeast Asia.

Lecturer: New Testament Survey

 Craig Ashby of Pathways Bible College

Craig Ashby

BA Hons (First Class), Grad Dip Tchg, Grad Dip App Theol

Craig Ashby is a Lead Pastor at Alexandra Baptist Church and a former secondary teacher with a background in pastoral ministry. He holds an Arts degree from Otago University and postgraduate qualifications in education, theology, and history. Craig is passionate about exploring Christianity's impact on shaping the world and encourages students to live out their faith. He is married with two children, enjoys mountain biking, punk rock, and berry ice-cream, and loves Jesus, family, and friends.

Lecturer: Church History | James – Faith in Action

 Thomas Dravitzki of Pathways Bible College

Thomas Dravitzki

MEd, GradPD, BA

Thomas is a Taranaki native who left home in 2009 to study at Victoria University of Wellington. He has a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Education and a background in working with people in church, community, education, and government settings. He is currently the Leadership Coordinator for Christian Camping New Zealand in Hamilton, where he uses camping to promote spiritual growth. In his free time, Thomas enjoys staying active through sports, traveling, and trying new food.

Lecturer: Christian Camping Elective

 Elliot Rice of Pathways Bible College

Elliot Rice

MAppTheol, Grad Dip App Theol, BAS

Elliot Rice is the Lead Pastor at Wellington Central Baptist Church and has been teaching at Pathways, Carey Baptist College, and Laidlaw College as an adjunct lecturer. He holds a Master's degree in Applied Theology from Carey Baptist College, with a focus on the theology of Hans Urs von Balthasar. Before entering ministry, Elliot received a Bachelor's degree in Architectural Studies from the University of Auckland. He and Sarah are parents to Charlotte and Phoebe, and live in Karori, Wellington.

Lecturer: The Life of Christ Through the Gospels

Tom McIvor of Pathways Bible College

Tom McIvor


Tom is the Director of Word of Life New Zealand, a youth ministry dedicated to spreading the word of God. He was previously a sheep farmer and has been involved with the ministry since 1991. He leads the ministry with determination and passion and is supported by his wife Liz. The couple lives in Hamilton with their two sons and have been a strong example of faith and dedication for over 30 years. Tom's unwavering commitment ensures that Word of Life New Zealand will continue its work in the future.

Lecturer: Youth Ministry Elective

Jeremy Suisted of Pathways Bible College

Jeremy Suisted

Grad Dip Theo, MMS, BCS (Hons)

Jeremy is a Waikato local who splits his time between pursuing his Master of Divinity and managing a small innovation consultancy. He has experience as a Youth Pastor and has taught at Pathways. Additionally, he is a Teaching Fellow at the University of Waikato and is married with two daughters

Lecturer: Old Testament Survey

Grace Chamberlain of Pathways Bible College

Grace Chamberlain

BA, BAppTheol

Grace is a former Project Manager at Pathways College who completed her Bachelor of Applied Theology from Carey Baptist College. She left the college in 2019 to pastor Māngere Bridge Baptist Church in Auckland with her husband but returned to Pathways College in 2022 as the Academic Dean. She is passionate about preaching and lecturing and is currently working towards completing her Master of Applied Theology with the aim to obtain a Ph.D. in Theology, focusing on New Testament Studies. Grace is married and resides in Tauranga.

Lecturer: Interpreting the Bible | Spiritual Formation | Supervised Ministry Training | Extended Supervised Ministry Training

 Taryn Dryfhout of Pathways Bible College

Taryn Dryfhout

MTheol, GDipTchg, BTh, DipBS, DipA, CertMaor, CertTeReoMaori

Taryn is a secondary teacher specialised in English, History, and Religious Education, with experience in tertiary teaching. She is currently completing her PhD in the University of Otago, focusing on the relationship between Maori worldviews and theology of community. Taryn is also a published writer with several books and over 400 articles, reviews, and columns. She is a member of the New Zealand Society of Authors and Mensa. Taryn is married with four children.

Lecturer: Relational Leadership

 Jeremy Lind of Pathways Bible College

Dr. Jeremy Lind

BVSc, Grad Dip Sc. (Psych)

Jeremy, a veterinary science graduate from Massey University, joins the team in 2023. He has worked in various aspects of the veterinary industry for 20 years, including running his own small business. In addition, he has been involved in local churches in Hamilton, Invercargill and the Manawatu, primarily through teaching and leadership, which has given him a deep appreciation and love for the local church. In 2016, he became the Lead Pastor at Raleigh St Christian Centre in Cambridge. Jeremy is married to Kath and they have six children born over a 16 year period. He enjoys most sports, good food, and growing his own produce, but family life keeps him busy.

Lecturer: Leadership – Identity and Calling

 Rebecca de Jong of Pathways Bible College

Rebecca de Jong

MA in Missiology

Rebecca de Jong is a cross-cultural Christian worker with over 12 years of experience in Myanmar. She is currently a teacher of Missions at Pathways College and a Professional Teaching Fellow at Laidlaw College in New Zealand. She holds a Master's in Missiology from All Nations Christian College and a Bachelor of Theology from Laidlaw College. In addition to her teaching, she is a board member of Global Connections and Missions and is involved in the missions committee of her local church, Lincoln Road Bible Chapel.

Lecturer: Missions

 Aaron Hodgson of Pathways Bible College

Aaron Hodgson

BMin, DipMin

Aaron is a proud resident of the breathtaking Bay of Plenty, hailing from the charming town of Te Puke. With a beautiful wife and two adorable girls by his side, his passion lies in spreading the message of the Gospel and inspiring others to lead a life devoted to Jesus. His journey began in 2010 when he enrolled in Pathways Bible College and completed his Diploma in Ministry, laying the foundation for his biblical pursuits. In 2015, he and his wife ventured to Adelaide for further training, and Aaron earned his Bachelor of Ministries through Adelaide College of Ministries and Bible College of South Australia. Fast forward to 2018, and Aaron is now a Youth Pastor at RSCC in Cambridge, where he thrives on teaching the Bible, indulging in sports, and immersing himself in nature.

Lecturer: Youth Ministry

 Fred Haimona of Pathways Bible College

Fred Haimona

Ko Tainui te Waka
Ko Waikato te Awa
Ko Maungatautari te Maunga
Ko Te Iti O Hauaa te Marae
Ko Ngaati Hauaa te Iwi
Tihei mauri ora!

My name is Te Mape Fred Haimona, I am of Ngaati Hauaa descent. I work for my Iwi at Te Hauora O Ngaati Hauaa Trust based in Waharoa and have worked there for 23 years in the area of social services, evaluations and assessments as well as working with youth development and youth at risk.

Besides my 9 to 5 job, I am a leader and an advisor at Tauwhare Gospel Chapel and a kaumatua at my Marae overseeing all kaupapa and events held both on and away from the Marae. I am an Iwi leader for Ngaati Hauaa representing our Marae at Iwi events and hui. I have a background in Mahi Taiao (Environment studies) and Community Psychology.

Lecturer: Theology in the Context of Aotearoa

 Luke Goodwin of Pathways Bible College

Luke Goodwin

MTheol, BEd

Meet Luke, a former High School History teacher who left the education industry to take care of his family on a sheep and beef farm nestled high in the hills of Whitehall, Waikato. Luke's thirst for knowledge never dwindled, and he recently completed a Master of Theology at Laidlaw College. With a keen interest in New Zealand history and Te Ao Māori, Luke is in a unique position as a Pākehā to explore what Te Rongopai – a New Zealand-based Christian theology – could potentially encompass.

Lecturer: Theology in the Context of Aotearoa

 Rosie Devery of Pathways Bible College

Rosie Devery

BMus (Jazz Perf), DipCM

Rosie Devery is a worship leader and is the Director of Worship Ministry Training. She comes from a missionary family background and discovered her passion for worship leading as a Pathways intern in 2009. After studying Jazz Performance at Auckland University, she relocated to Tauranga and is currently serving on the worship team at St Luke's Church. Through worship ministry training she aims to empower worship leaders and ministry teams, inspiring them to lead people in Christ-centred and Spirit-filled worship. She's currently completing her Graduate Diploma in Theology. Rosie is married to Ben and they have two sons.

Lecturer: NMP – Biblical Worship

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Treaty Statement

Te Tiriti o Waitangi: A Founding Document of Aotearoa New Zealand

In 1840, many Māori chiefs and the British crown entered into an agreement together by signing Te Tiriti o Waitangi (the Treaty of Waitangi), which now serves as the primary founding document of Aotearoa New Zealand. Te Tiriti details the mutual commitment of tangata whenua (Māori) and tauiwi (non-Māori) to cooperation and partnership.

The Betrayal of Te Tiriti and Its Lasting Effects on Māori

Te Tiriti was, in part, the brainchild of certain Crown representatives whose hearts and minds had been profoundly shaped by the gospel. The impetus behind this covenant was to guard against the exploitation of Māori, as had happened to other indigenous peoples colonised previously. But the Crown failed to meet many of its obligations agreed upon through the signing of Te Tiriti, and the betrayal of that commitment has had devastating and lasting effects upon Māori and upon Aotearoa New Zealand.

Pathways’ Treaty Obligations as Church and Crown Representatives

Pathways’ Treaty obligations stem from our status as being both part of the church and representatives of the Crown. First, given our adherence to the gospel that so significantly informed Te Tiriti, we are committed to the spirit of loving partnership outlined by this agreement. Māori also refer to the Treaty as Te Kawenata (“the Covenant”), a word with rich scriptural associations. As believers in the “new covenant” of Jesus Christ, in which people from every ethnic group are invited into the family of God, we believe it is our duty and privilege to uphold this covenant, Te Kawanata.

Second, our role in administering qualifications on behalf of the New Zealand Qualifications Authority requires that we fulfil those duties originally agreed to by the Crown. Māori who enrol or otherwise work with Pathways are, in a sense, engaging with the New Zealand government. This means that our Treaty obligations are informed not only generally by our status as Pākehā, but also specifically as Crown representatives.

Honouring Treaty Partnerships through Listening to and Learning from Māori

One way we seek to honour our role as Treaty partners is by listening to and learning from Māori so that we can better serve Māori communities. It is critical that we adopt this “listening posture” to avoid acting in ignorance and to guard against perpetuating the colonising tendencies of many predominantly Pākehā institutions. As we genuinely listen to Māori voices, we will be better positioned to, in partnership with Māori, shape the future of our college in ways that will promote the flourishing of tangata whenua.

A Vision for Māori Flourishing through Quality Education and Strong Engagement

Our vision for Māori flourishing is given shape by the two-pronged approach identified in Ka Hikitia educational strategy, that will see “Māori enjoying and achieving education success as Māori”. First, we aim to provide quality education for Māori. We have in our strategic plan the goal of improving staff and faculty competency in Māori language and culture, so that te ao Māori and matauranga Māori will be better incorporated into our teaching. Second, we aim for strong engagement with Māori. To that end, we are actively cultivating relationships with local iwi in order to form productive partnerships that will create opportunities for Māori to meaningfully shape our college’s offerings.

We take our Treaty obligations seriously, because we believe that when Māori flourish, we as a church and a nation will all flourish.


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