Transformative Training for Worship Ministry

At Pathways Bible College we recognise that worship is more than the form that it takes, whether that’s music, singing, prayer, communion, acts of service, or something else.

True worship is enabled through Christ and empowered by the Spirit, no longer bound to a specific time or place. Additionally, we recognise that music has long been and still is the primary form by which most congregations worship together. So at Pathways, we seek to train worship leaders in both the biblical foundations of what worship is, as well as practically equip them to lead worship through music.

That’s why I’m so excited about our next SoWL Day in Wellington on Saturday October 28 (SoWL stands for School of Worship Leading). Guest speakers will be covering a combination of Biblical, Spiritual and Practical aspects of worship and worship leading for our diverse ministry contexts. This kind of input is invaluable for worship ministry teams, especially in a day and age where our ministry can too easily reflect the stage culture of our wider society. This isn’t necessarily a problem – unless it starts to dictate what worship “should” look like. Without confidence in why we are doing what we are doing, we will not be able to articulate what it is we are doing as a worship ministry – and that can confuse how we go about doing it.

As God’s people we are called to be worshippers who worship in spirit and in truth. Understanding why we do what we do will inevitably speak into how we approach worship. Up-skilling in practical ways alongside nurturing a passion for Who we are worshipping is invaluable. So come along to our upcoming SoWL Day this October and journey this with us!

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