Looking back over the last 2,000 years, the module investigates milestone events and key personalities who have shaped the history of Christianity. It considers the historical context, describing the political, religious and social environments of both events and people, to establish an understanding of the theological thinking behind past eras of Christianity and the influence this has had on subsequent history.


1. Evaluate the influence that social, religious and political factors had on historical events and selected theological thinkers in order to propose their influences on contemporary practice.

2. Apply and evaluate Christian practices using theological approaches, biblical texts and interpretation in order to explore contemporary ministry issues and responses.

3. Evaluate and apply a broad understanding of theology and biblical foundations to defined contexts based on textual interpretation and religious practice.



Lecturer  |  Craig Ashby

A common misconception is that history is old, boring, irrelevant and out-of-touch. But I honestly believe nothing could be further from the truth! 

I’m confident that through the Pathways Christian History course you’ll not only learn some interesting stuff about the history of Christianity, but at the same have a greater awareness of and appreciation for whatever context/culture you find yourself in.

I have a great wife and a young family, and currently work for Alexandra Baptist Church in stunning Central Otago.  Prior to this role I have studied at Otago University (BA and dip.Tchg), taught history in a secondary school in the South Island for five years and worked with a large urban church in the North Island supporting teenagers and young adults.  I’ve also studied theology through Carey Baptist College and more recently completed an Honours Degree from Massey University.

I love Jesus, my family, my church, my community, mountain biking and berry ice-cream…pretty much in that order.

As you discover the rich and fascinating history of the Christian faith, my hope is that you are inspired and encouraged in your own journey with God to go deeper, trust fully, and love Him unconditionally.


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