Dr. Ian Payne

MTh(Hons), PhD in Theology

Ian is a seasoned Christian leader who has made significant contributions to the Pathways College community. Having served as Principal for five years, Ian now serves as a board member, where he continues to inspire and encourage the development of Christian leaders. Raised in Kerala, India, Ian's life journey has been shaped by his Christian upbringing and professional experiences. He spent several years working as an architect in New Zealand before returning to India with his family in 1994. There, he pursued theological studies at SAIACS and later served as Principal for 10 years, where he made a significant impact on the institution's growth and development. Ian's leadership extends beyond Pathways College; he currently leads Theologians Without Borders and is a published author of several books. His life's work is a testament to his unwavering commitment to promoting Christian leadership and growth, both in India and globally.


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