This course will provide an introduction to Old Testament Survey, focusing on key Old Testament themes, genres and techniques to read the text.

The aim of this course is to give the student a grasp on the narrative of the Old Testament, the concepts of the Old Testament and to equip them to apply the Old Testament to their ministry and to their lives.


  1. Develop an understanding of the meta-narrative of the Old Testament.
  2. Explore the nature of God throughout this narrative. 
  3. Explore the key Old Testament themes throughout this narrative. 
  4. Discuss ministry and spiritual applications of the Old Testament.



I grew up in the mighty Waikato, surrounded by dairy farms and horse studs, Bible stories and a wonderful family and collection of friends. I am delighted to be part of a long lineage of faith, with my great-great grandfather first meeting Jesus on a stormy night many years ago - and have been an active member of Raleigh Street Christian Centre, as a Sunday School teacher, Youth Pastor and preacher. 

Throughout my late teens and early 20s, the Lord encouraged me to pursue Him more closely, leading me to study the Scriptures and practice the Spiritual Disciplines. I love seeing God's Word being read, heard, memorised, chewed over and lived out - and enjoy bringing honest engagement to the Bible. 

I am fascinated by innovation, and run an Innovation and Design Agency (Creativate), as well as regularly blogging, studying and watching cricket with friends.


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