Pathways College Internship

Growing your understanding of the Bible and your faith, while applying them to the real world. NZ Diploma in Christian Studies (Level 5).

Pathways currently offers a one-year, full-time internship programme: the Diploma in Christian Studies.

Through the combination of excellent academic study, ministry, and mentoring, these programmes are designed with a focus on discipleship and helping students to grow deeper and wider in their relationship with God and in practical ministry engagement. 


A Pathways diploma can be a stepping stone to a full degree in Theology from Carey Baptist College, Laidlaw College or the University of Otago. You can cross-credit your Pathways NZ Diploma in Christian Studies into Carey's Bachelor of Applied Theology, Otago or Laidlaws' Bachelor of Theology. You can start your theology degree in Pathways' highly personalised and practical diploma, then finish your full degree in three of Aotearoa New Zealand's best theology programmes.

New Zealand Diploma in Christian Studies (Level 5)

The level 5 New Zealand Diploma in Christian Studies (NZDipCS) is a great programme to help you experience working in ministry as well as learning the Bible and Theology more, impacting whanau, ministry and the wider community in New Zealand and beyond.

2022 Semester Dates

Semester 1: 13 Feb - 01 July
Enrolment cut-off date: 04 Feb 2022

Semester 2: 24 July - 9 December
Enrolment cut-off date: 01 July 2021

Study With Pathways

  • Focussed on doing, being, serving Jesus Christ
  • Understand and experience the depth of Christ's love
  • Experience the fullness of life and power
  • 50% Study and learning
  • 50% Doing and application

What does the year look like?

The way this year works is pretty unique. You will need to do a minimum of 16 hours of ministry, and 16 hours of study each week. Most students do a lot more than this because they enjoy the ministry and study so much. You can see the papers you will do listed below. All of the lectures are during block courses that run six times each year for a full week.

What kind of qualification do I end up with?

This is an NZQA (New Zealand Qualifications Authority) approved qualification which means you are eligible to apply for Government loans and allowances. Doing supervised ministry enables interns to benefit by learning from experience leaders in a hands-on practical context within the church or para-church organisation.

Applicants for this qualification may also be eligible for the Government’s Fees-Free programme, making study at Pathways completely free. Visit to check your eligibility.

What subjects will I study?

Each intern completes the following core subjects plus an elective (Negotiated Ministry Practice) in a chosen Christian service area.

Semester 1 - Establishing a balance between ministry, academics and spiritual formation.
Semester 2 - Designing a plan for your specific ministry: vision, values and goals.

Interpreting the Bible
Old Testament Survey
New Testament Survey
The Life of Christ through the Gospels
James – Faith in Action

Christian History
Systematic Theology 1
Systematic Theology 2
Indigenous Theology

Spiritual Formation
Negotiated Ministry Practice


Biblical Worship
Building the Kingdom of God
Christian Camping
Christian Communication
Event Management
Ministry with Children
Youth Ministry


All of our internship students are required to meet with between one and three mentors for 90 minutes each fortnight. These mentors will focus on the areas of the Academics, Ministry and Spiritual development of the student.

Each student has an academic mentor, spiritual mentor and ministry mentor. That is a lot of people cheering you on and helping you grow in your year with Internship.


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