This course is a mix of working through the Worship Leading workbook and watching short 10-20 minute videos that are taught by worship teachers from around New Zealand. This workbook covers four core components of Worship Leading; Practice, Leading, Pastoring and Planning.


  1. Explain what worship is 
  2. Have a good understanding of how to lead worship 
  3. Have a good overview on different areas of worship leading and pastoring 
  4. Team lead a ministry that is effective

Please Note: a major component of the course grade will come from a compulsory assignment in which the student will lead worship during a service at his/her church. This means that you must get permission from your church to be involved in worship leading before enrolling for this course. 


Rosie Devery, Chris Opie, Josh Klinkenberg, Josh Isaac, Wayne Huirua, Shehan Joseph, David Garrat, David Lyle Morris, Donald Goodhall, Dan Sheed, Paul Zaia, Andy Campbell, Tony Crawford, Nick Field and Mark Pierson.


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