This module facilitates discussion and reflection on what personal spiritual awareness looks like. It examines Christ's expression of faith and how this should be incorporated into an individual's life


Evaluate a spiritual disciplines programme using reflective approaches that maintain integrity of worship in order to strengthen and influence personal faith journey.

Julie-Ann Finn PA to the Principal Office Administrator Pathways College


BA, BAppTheol

Following the completion of her Bachelor of Applied Theology from Carey Baptist College, Grace began working at Pathways College in 2016 as the Project Manager. In that role, she enjoyed a range of responsibilities, from lecturing a course on the Gospel of Mark, to helping edit videos for online courses. Grace finished up in that role at the beginning of 2019 and moved to Auckland, where she had grown up, to pastor Māngere Bridge Baptist Church with her husband, Graeme. 

In 2022 Grace returned to Pathways College and has taken up the role of Academic Dean. She is pleased to be back and is eager to discover all the ways she can offer her skills and gifts to contribute once again to the exciting work of training students for ministry and life and seeing them grow more like Jesus. 

Grace is passionate about preaching and lecturing, but her greatest passion is learning. Alongside her new role, she is also working towards completing her Master of Applied Theology and hopes to continue on to eventually obtain a Ph.D. in Theology, most likely in some aspect of New Testament Studies.


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