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Transformative Training for Worship Ministry

At Pathways Bible College we recognise that worship is more than the form that it takes, whether that’s music, singing, prayer, communion, acts of service, or something else.True worship is enabled through Christ and empowered by the Spirit, no longer bound to a specific time or place. Additionally, we recognise that music has long been and still is the primary form by which most congregations worship together. So at Pathways, we seek to train worship leaders in both the biblical foundations o...

September 28, 2023

Our Student Road Map

Discover the adventure of a lifetime by enrolling in a full-time year at Pathways. As a student, you'll be joining a community of eager learners from all over New Zealand, ready to dive into the world of theological biblical studies....

May 6, 2023

Ease yourself into a degree with Pathways

In our lives, we often find ourselves at crossroads, hesitant to take the next step forward. The prospect of committing to a full-time degree programme can feel daunting, and many reasons can hinder us from pursuing it. Perhaps we are grappling with personal obligations, financial constraints, or a lack of confidence in our ability to succeed in an academic setting.In such moments, we must remember that the Lord's plans for us are vast and intricate, and we are called to be faithful stewards of ...

May 6, 2023

Why you need a Mentor

Having access to seasoned mentors is a precious asset for any Pathways theology student. Mentoring involves a more experienced and mature Christian guiding and supporting a less experienced believer in their spiritual growth and development. The mentor provides spiritual guidance, prayer, and biblical counsel, as well as practical advice on navigating the challenges of life in light of Christian principles. ...

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