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The "Agrarian" Worldview

We tend to read the Old Testament through Western eyes, which usually overlooks the prominent role of land, i.e. the environment, in the OT. Theologian Ellen Davis points out that the OT has an "agrarian" worldview. According to this worldview, God, humanity, and land/environment exist in a triangular relationship (illustrate: God on top point, humanity on left-hand point, land on right-hand point). So when human behaviour goes awry it has implications for our relationship with God and ...

June 5, 2020


During the challenge of self isolation, Pathways College is offering people a taste test of Bible College through a free on-demand service. Click on the link below to hear Pathways Director of Ministry Training, Dr. Richard Goodwin talk to Andrew, about this.

March 26, 2020

Choosing a Bible College: 4 Factors to Consider

So you want to go to Bible college? Great! Studying scripture and theology can be utterly life-changing. But there are a lot of Bible colleges, schools, and institutions out there to choose from. And there’s no one-size-fits-all answer to the question of which one to choose. So while weighing up your options, here are four important things to consider: denomination, destination, qualification, and vocation. 1.     Denomination: What’s the best theological fit for me? Some...

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